I like to say when asked why I pursue science, that it is to satisfy my curiosity, that I am by nature a searcher trying to understand. If you haven't found something strange during the day, it hasn't been much of a day.
John A. Wheeler


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Department Chair

Herbert Jaeger

  119 Culler Hall   513.529.5515   jaegerh@MiamiOH.edu

Chief Departmental Advisor

& Engineering Liaison 

Steve Alexander

  121 Culler Hall   513.529.5653   alexansg@MiamiOH.edu

Graduate Director

Samir Bali

  25 Culler Hall   513.529.5635   balis@MiamiOH.edu

Administrative Assistant

Teresa Kolb

  133 Culler Hall    513.529.8567   kolbtr@MiamiOH.edu

Senior Program Assistant

Judy Eaton

  133 Culler Hall  



Graduate Student Office Suite



138 Culler Hall

  513.529.5657   Graduate Students Page
Department mailing address  

620 E Spring Street

133 Culler Hall

Oxford, OH  45056



Department  FAX       513.529.5629