We are at the very beginning of time for the human race... there are tens of thousands of years in the future. Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on.
Richard P. Feynman

 the People of Miami Physics


Stephen G Alexander

Chief Dept Advisor

First year & Honors Adv.

121 Culler 513-529-5653 alexansg@MiamiOH.edu
Samir Bali Grad Director & Advisor 25 Culler 513-529-5635 balis@MiamiOH.edu
S Burçin Bayram Advisor, fifth-year seniors 4 Culler  513-529-5630 bayramsb@MiamiOH.edu
Daniel Beck   219A Culler 513-529-2172 beckdr@MiamiOH.edu
Christopher Beer

Advisor, Class of 2014

SPS Advisor

41 Culler 513-529-1745 beercp@MiamiOH.edu
Jennifer Blue Advisor, Class of 2016 217 Culler 513-529-1380 bluejm@MiamiOH.edu
James P Clemens

Course Scheduling Officer

15 Culler 513-529-1850 clemenj2@MiamiOH.edu
Aaron Eiben   223 Culler 513-529-2315 eibena@MiamiOH.edu
Khalid Eid   35 Culler 513-529-1933 eidkf@MiamiOH.edu
Mario Freamat   219 Culler 513-529-8532 freamamv@MiamiOH.edu
Janet E Hurn Middletown Campus 208 Thesken 513-727-3341 hurnje@MiamiOH.edu
Herbert Jaeger Department Chair 119 Culler 513-529-5515 jaegerh@MiamiOH.edu
Mahmud Khan   23 Culler 513-529-2557 khanm2@MiamiOH.edu
Michael J Pechan   17 Culler 513-529-4518 pechanmj@MiamiOH.edu
William H Rauckhorst   131 Culler 513-529-5658 rauckhwh@MiamiOH.edu
Perry R Rice   13 Culler 513-529-1374 ricepr@MiamiOH.edu
Beverley A P Taylor Hamilton Campus 539 Mosler 513-785-3239 taylorba@MiamiOH.edu
Paul Urayama

Advisor, Class of 2015

Pre-med Advisor

Sigma Pi Sigma Advisor

39 Culler 513-529-9274 urayampk@MiamiOH.edu
Jan M Yarrison-Rice   21 Culler 513-529-1862 yarrisjm@MiamiOH.edu


Affiliate Faculty

Mike Brudzinski Associate Professor, Geology Department 103 Shideler 513-529-9758 brudzimr@MiamiOH.edu
Jade (Yu)  Morton Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

260 P

Engr Bldg

513-529-0749 mortonyt@MiamiOH.edu


Faculty Emeriti

George Arfken Glenn M. Julian Paul D. Scholten
Christopher R. Church Donald C. Kelly Richard C. Walker
Paul DeVries S. Douglas Marcum William E. Wells
T. William Houk    
Staff    Physics Department office and laboratory staff
Graduate Students