Alan Runge


Alan RungeI can perhaps credit MU Physics program as saving my career. I had entered graduate school at another large university after a BA in Physical Science degree from a smaller liberal arts school. I floundered, not finding connections with the faculty or a research pursuit and lab environment for research that fit. There were a couple of exceptions, one being an alum from MU. He suggested that I would find the MU physics program a better fit and since my career goal was to be a teaching professor he explained that the faculty here at MU were amongst the best and prided themselves on their teaching and working with students. Wow, how he was right on target!

My graduate work and research (MS 1991) under the direction of Dr. Pechan prepared me to move on to a Ph.D. program under a research fellowship. Later shifting from solid state research to physics education I finished a Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska. My career began as planned with a faculty position at a small liberal arts university but has steadily shifted towards leadership roles. I can look back to the excellent faculty and the development opportunities provided to me as a graduate student and see how they gave me confidence, passion and a sense of accountability. I am currently the Provost and Senior Vice President for Concordia University Texas, located in Austin, TX. I still teach introductory physics and astronomy off and on along with leadership courses.

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