Brian Sidle


I currently live and work in London with my wife and three boys.  We just moved here from the Middle East – 3 years in Qatar followed by 2 years in Kuwait.  Very exciting life as my job / responsibilities change with each assignment although I work for the same company!  Very good job satisfaction, challenging.  After a number of highly technical operational positions, I'm currently the Account Manager for BP.  Their HQ are here, hence my proximity.  I work with them to expand / continue their education regarding the services we offer on a world wide basis.  Travel this year has taken me to Egypt, Azerbaijan, Aberdeen, Houston and Trinidad to ensure that our products, service quality and HSE for operational considerations are all up to snuff.


"Physics at Miami was Phulphilling! I thought that it was awesome that we had such an excellent program amongst the mass of business students. Even greater was having the professors who wrote the texts actually teaching the classes."

- Brian Sidle, BS Engineering Physics 1990


620 E. Spring Street, 133 Culler Hall, Oxford, OH 45056 | phone: 513.529.5625 | contact information
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