Dan Ingersoll 


Dan IngersollDaniel Ingersoll is a Senior Program Manager for the Nuclear Technology Programs Office at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  He currently serves as Campaign Director for the Grid-Appropriate Reactors program within the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership.  Other recent activities include participation in several advanced reactor programs, including the Advanced High Temperature Reactor project, the International Reactor Innovative and Secure project, and the Space Reactor Technology Program. 


Previously, he led various ORNL research groups dedicated to radiation transport modeling and reactor physics analysis. He has participated in the development, design, and analysis of integral shielding experiments and directed numerous shielding research projects supporting DOE advanced liquid-metal-cooled and gas-cooled reactor concepts, and DOD radiation environment studies. He also had responsibility for several reactor physics and shielding projects supporting several DOE advanced fission reactor and high-energy accelerator programs, and the development of state-of-the-art radiation transport methods and nuclear data libraries.


Dr. Ingersoll received a BS degree in Physics from Miami University in 1973 and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1977. He is a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society and Past Chairman of the ANS Radiation Protection and Shielding Division.  His hobbies include photography, boating, and more recently, grandkids.


 “My undergraduate education in physics at Miami is like a bottle of fine wine—it just keeps getting better with time.  With each passing year, I appreciate more and more how skillfully the Miami faculty taught us the fundamentals of physics and life.” Dan Ingersoll, BS Physics 1973

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