Dave Miller


Following graduation in 1967, I entered Graduate School with a research assistantship at the Materials Research Lab at Penn State University.  Two years later, after successfully completing Doctoral Candidacy, I was drafted and subsequently entered the US Air Force, with training as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer.  I retired to southwest Ohio following twenty four years of service, half of which were spent in Europe on 4 tours of duty.  From 1995 - 2005, I was in Marketing and Business Development with three Defense contractors, most notably Lockheed Martin; spending the last six years of that period in the Dayton area offices serving the Wright Patterson Air Force Base missions.


Of possible note is the thesis of my graduate research in lattice dynamics:  Temperature and Pressure Derivatives of Third Order Elastic Constants of Uranium DiOxide...or something to that effect, since I have long ago scrapped my literature.  When asked why I didn't get out of the Air Force and finish the research, I reply that two other teams (Naval Postgraduate School and Bell Labs) were pursuing the same research and I would have lost the "race" after being away for four years.  Also, my attempts to return to a physics laboratory in the Air Force met a bureaucratic "thumbs down."  I completed the Air Force career as a senior Logistician.


I currently serve the University in a volunteer role as the President of the Greater Cincinnati Alumni Chapter; and, for the last two years, I've spent many hours with the Alumni and Athletic Offices, working on ways to [re]engage the almost 40,000 alumni in the area, merely one-quarter of the total living Miamians.  A picture is in my profile and there are others within the Chapter website:  http://www.miamialum.org/CincinnatiChapter.


"Does anyone else remember the cult following of Emma Peal and the Avengers?!"

- Dave Miller, BS Physics 1967


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