Gene Stouder


After receiving my BS in Physics in 1962, I was a Lieutenant at the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power School at Bainbridge, Maryland until 1967.  I served as Department Head and Instructor and for the Nuclear Reactor Operational Analysis department, responsible for preparing and presenting graduate-level courses in physics, mathematics and nuclear engineering for Navy nuclear-powered submarines and ships. In 1967, I received my MS in Solid State Physics at Johns Hopkins University.


Early on in my career, I worked for General Motors at the Delco Electronics Division, DuPont Photomasks, and Motorola.  Since 1997, I’ve done consulting in semiconductor manufacturing, and I taught at both Texas A&M and Texas State University in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Education and Research.


I married the girl next door—we have known each other since we were 6 years old.  We have two children, both graduates of Purdue University, and five grandchildren. We love them dearly!  Hobbies have been a problem…not enough time, too many interests.  Since I turned 50 and ran a marathon at 52, I have been going to the highest point in every state.  Some have been easier than others.  My picture was taken on the summit of Granite Peak in Montana.

620 E. Spring Street, 133 Culler Hall, Oxford, OH 45056 | phone: 513.529.5625 | contact information
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