Katie Hamilton Pennington

I was an undergrad at Miami from 1990-1994, in the twilight zone between the education department and the physics department.  I have so many wonderful memories of classes and professors, especially Dr. Marcum, Dr. Priest, and Dr. Kelly.  I appreciate all of their encouragement.  I'll never forget going to the Zimmer power plant one summer on a field trip for Energy and Society- I'm in the process of building a geothermally heated house because of that class!  I am also grateful to Dr. Poth and especially Dr. Taylor for giving me the opportunity to work with the Teaching Science with TOYS program.  I met so many inspiring professionals, and had such an advantage to using toys and inquiry in my teaching. 


I have been a high school physics and physical science teacher for 15 years, spending 11 years at Trotwood-Madison High School and teaching at Miamisburg High School since 2005.  In 2000, I earned a MST in physics from Wright State University.  I have been a resource teacher for various professional development activites, working with teachers of all grade levels.

On the personal side, I am married to Chris (BS 1995), who is a guidance counselor at a local high school.  We have two beautiful children, Sandy and Tyler.

Thanks for a wonderful experience!


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