Linda Caldwell Byus


Linda Caldwell Byus

Immediately after graduating from Miami, I went on to earn a Masters of Applied Nuclear Science degree from the Georgia Tech School of Nuclear Engineering.  My first job was with a Chicago-based utility, Commonwealth Edison, as a Health Physicist at a nuclear power plant.  Several years later I earned an MBA from the University of Chicago specializing in finance and accounting.


My career shifted to the financial industry as an investment research analyst for several different investment banking firms.  The job was still physics related as I specialized in energy companies with a focus on nuclear power generating companies.   


Since 2004, I have been the Principal at BYI Consulting, which provides financial strategy and investor communications support to energy companies.  Additionally, I am a regular columnist for Nuclear News, a publication of the American Nuclear Society. My "Focus on Finance" column addresses the financial aspects of the nuclear power industry.  


My professional experience provides a great example of the value of my undergraduate education at the Miami Physics Department. 


“My experience with the Miami Physics Department set the tone for my professional career. Both the academic content and the collegial atmosphere have been valuable over the years.” Linda Caldwell Byus, AB Physics 1974

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