Richard Blankenbecler


After Miami, I earned a PhD in physics from Stanford in August 1958. I taught at Princeton for a decade and at Stanford SLAC for over 30 years. My primary field was particle physics. I retired in 2002 and have changed to cancer research. I am presently testing my idea that reduces the bad side effects of radiation and chemo cancer therapy. I am an Adjunct Professor at VaTech and an Adjunct Fellow at the Nevada Cancer Institute. I was an active rock climber and a member of the American Alpine Club for over 40 years. I was knocked unconscious for over an hour by lightning on the summit of the Grand Teton, but suffered little permanent damage. I celebrated my 45th year by climbing El Capitan in Yosemite Valley in two days.


Nowadays, I find stairs a sufficient challenge. I had a jazz combo while at Miami and still enjoy playing jazz piano and vibes - but few enjoy listening.


"The MU Physics Department through the efforts of Doc Edwards, John Snyder and George Arfken, nursed me from knowing nothing about physics to a strong desire to do basic physics research. The physics background and enthusiasm that they inspired was crucial throughout my academic career."

- Richard Blankenbecler, BA Physics 1954. The degree that I am most proud of - an honorary doctorate from Miami in 1989.


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