Steve Gertz


I graduated from Miami with a BS Physics in 1967 and went to work as an engineer on board the Polaris nuclear submarines. I did this around the country and in Hawaii and south Pacific. After a few years, I went to school for my MBA degree and jump-shifted from an engineering career to a career in finance and then management of technology companies, using my math/physics background to concentrate on finance and numbers. The combination of a technical undergrad degree and business masters opened doors for me in business that might not have been available without the combo. Since I was living in San Francisco I was able to capitalize on the tech revolution that originated in the area and eventually started several companies, including one of the first voice messaging companies and later an early Internet software/hardware infrastructure company which I later merged into a large public company. For 20 years in senior management of tech companies and as CFO and CEO of several tech/Internet companies, I was able to meld my technical background of Physics with my financial experience to be highly effective in the tech sector.


In 2003 after a starting and harvesting several early stage, venture backed companies, I returned to Miami to "give back", as an adjunct professor and began teaching entrepreneurship in the Miami's Page Center for Entrepreneurship. I actually commuted from San Francisco for a semester and later implemented a web-cast version of my class from SF to the Miami campus classroom. Since then, I have continued to do guest lectures at Miami and currently sit on both the Boards of Advisors of the Page Center (Jay Kayne's group) and also Interactive Media (IMS), Glenn Platt's group. I also teach entrepreneurship at Univ of Calif, Berkeley, which is a little closer to home.


Lastly, I sit on boards of directors of early stage tech companies and do consulting for such companies, as well as run a small investment fund. All of the activities in which I am engaged probably could not have been achievable if it were not for the foundation provided to me by the Physics degree I obtained at Miami.


“The education I received at Miami and in the Miami Physics program is closely correlated to my business successes and helped propel me to be a technology entrepreneur. Throughout my career, I always felt my physics training was instrumental in allowing me to grasp and solve complex problems in the business world.”  Steve Gertz, BS Physics 1967


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