Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child, 'So? Did you learn anything today?' But not my mother. 'Izzy,' she would say, 'did you ask a good question today?' Asking good questions made me become a scientist.
Isidore Rabi
Jennifer Marie Blue

Haverford College BS physics 1991
University of Minnesota MS physics 1994
University of Minnesota PhD science education 1997

Join Miami faculty in 2002

Associate Professor


Office: 217 Culler




I teach several various physics and astronomy courses, and graduate student teaching enhancement programs. My research agenda runs on two main tracks. One is research into undergraduate physics laboratory classes, where I have studied learning and attitudes. The other is science education, where I have studied the professional development of teachers. I regularly teach introductory lab, a course for pre-service teachers, and calculus-based physics.