The education and friendship with faculty in the physics department have had a profound and lasting influence on my life. The professors care about their students.
Wes Baily, alumnus

Research Information


MEMO TO STUDENTS:  The Physics Department encourages all students to join one of the many research groups or projects being conducted by our faculty.  Responsible conduct of research is serious and is a part of your research-based education.  Therefore, all Physics majors and graduate students should download the free PDF version of the following text and read it before, or within the first few weeks of, coming to Miami:   You can find "On Being A Scientist: A guide to responsible conduct of research,"  3rd Edition, National Academy Press, Washington, DC 2009) from the National Academy of Sciences website.


The Astrophysics group at Miami is pursuing research programs at the undergraduate levels in theoretical astrophysics using numerical simulations with gravitational N-body codes.

Theoretical: Alexander


Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

The AMO physics groups at Miami are pursuing research programs at the undergraduate and Master’s levels in polarization spectroscopy and electron-imaging spectroscopy of alkali-rare gas collisions, line narrowing of high-power broad area diode lasers, dynamics of laser-cooled atoms in magneto-optical traps and optical lattices, electromagnetically induced transparency and absorption in atoms, imaging and optical sensing in turbid media.

Experimental: BaliBayram


Biophysics and Biological Physics

The Biophysics and Biological Physics groups at Miami develop and apply techniques for nanomaterials- and optics-based biosensing, and for fluorescence-based metabolic monitoring and microscopy imaging.  Research activities include single-molecule sensing using nanomaterials, imaging and sensing in turbid media, and the monitoring and imaging of pressure effects on biomolecules and cellular physiology.

Experimental: BaliUrayama, Yarrison-Rice


Computational Physics

The Computational physics group at Miami is pursuing research program at the undergraduate and Master’s levels in scientific visualization, image processing and analysis, and the use of computer graphics and animation to enhance comprehension of physical phenomena.

Theoretical: Clemens,  Rice


Condensed Matter Physics

The Condensed Matter Physics groups at Miami are pursuing experimental research programs at the undergraduate and Master’s levels in fabrication and optical characterization of nanoscale materials and devices using a variety of methods including electron beam lithography and photolithography, magnetoresistance in nanodevices at cryogenic temperatures, nanoscale magneto dynamics in reduced dimensional systems, angular correlation spectroscopy of ceramic materials, sub-micron transport of cold atoms in optical lattices, electronic and thermal properties of novel solid state materials.

Ceramic materials .. Experimental:
Magnetic materials .. Experimental: Eid, Khan, Pechan
Fabrication and optical characterization of nanoscale materials/devices .. Experimental: Yarrison-Rice


Physics Education
The Physics Education groups at Miami are pursuing research programs at the undergraduate and Master’s levels in the development of effective strategies for teaching scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills in introductory physics classes, physics education at the elementary school level, K-12 science education and teacher preparation.


Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
The quantum optics and quantum information groups at Miami are pursuing research programs at the undergraduate and Master’s levels in photon correlation spectroscopy of cold trapped atoms in optical lattices, cavity QED, theoretical and computational modeling of light and matter for generating nonclassical or entangled states of light and atoms; applications include quantum teleportation, quantum error correction, quantum key distribution and general quantum algorithms. Relativistic quantum information theory.

Theoretical: Clemens, Rice
Experimental: Bali