We are at the very beginning of time for the human race... there are tens of thousands of years in the future. Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on.
Richard P. Feynman

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For all official information, course descriptions, and pre- and co-requisites, please consult the Miami Bulletin.


Schedule of Core Undergraduate and Laboratory Courses

Course Name Course Number(s) Offered
The Physical World I & Lab I PHY 181 & 183 Fall, Spring, & Summer
The Physical World II & Lab II PHY 182 & 184 Fall, Spring, & Summer
Contemporary Physics I: Foundations PHY 281 Fall
Contemporary Physics II: Frontiers PHY 282 Spring
Computational Physics PHY 286 Spring
Contemporary Physics Lab II PHY 293 Spring
Electronic Instrumentation & Lab    PHY 292 & 294 Fall
Molecular and Cellular Biophysics PHY 421 Spring, even years
Materials Physics PHY 423 Fall, even years
Nano-Scale Science & Technology PHY 427 Spring, odd years
Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics PHY 437 Fall
Optics and Laser Physics PHY 441 Spring, even years
Spectroscopy PHY 442 Spring, odd years
Classical Mechanics PHY 451 Fall
Electromagnetic Theory PHY 461 Spring
Advanced Electronics PHY 471 Fall semester, odd years
Mathematical Methods in Physics PHY 483 Fall
Intro to Quantum Mechanics    PHY 491 Spring
Schedule of Other Physics Courses    
Course Name
Course Number Offered
Physics & Society PHY 101 Fall & Spring
Concepts in Physics Laboratory PHY 103 Fall & Spring
Astronomy and Space Physics PHY 111 Fall & Spring
Intro to Atmospheric Science PHY 118 (AER 118) Fall & Spring
Energy & Environment PHY 121 Fall & Spring
Physics for Music PHY 131 Fall & Spring
Physics in Sports PHY 141 Summer
College Physics & Lab I PHY 171 & 173 Fall & Summer
College Physics & Lab II PHY 172 & 174 Spring & Summer
Observational Foundations of Astronomy PHY 211 Fall
Physics by Inquiry PHY 215 Spring
Contemporary Astronomy PHY 311 Spring

The Physics Department offers many other 400/500-level courses by demand (see the bulletin). If there is interest, contact the department as soon as possible. Scheduling of the course must take place prior to the opening of student registration.


The Physics Department also offers several honors courses.  Contact the department for the schedule.